Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

XMLBeans Developers are searching for new features, small fixes or new ideas

On 22.03.2011 an Apache XmlBeans Developer sends this email to all XmlBeans Developer mailing list

I'm sending this email to reach out to people interested in XMLBeans, we the active committers, were wondering if there is anybody actively using XMLBeans that might be interested in adding new features, small fixes or just have new ideas.

We made a rough list with things we think they will be useful to have:
- add full support for generics, default to JDK 1.5
- finish support for XMLSchema 1.1, many details around 1.1 built-in schema types are already in
- better .xsdconfig, add support for different value serialization to support bug XMLBEANS-451.

Please don't be shy any response is appreciated, Active XMLBeans Committers

So if anyone uses XMLBeans actively or have some feature requests let them know.

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